Thursday, November 22, 2012

a year full of thanks.

Thanksgiving. What an incredible and one of my favorite holidays, behind Christmas of course.  As I sit here and drink my coffee and watch the Macy's Parade in the background I can't help but think about everything that has taken place since last year.  It has been a year full of ups-and-downs.  I struggled with my faith and lived a life that did not line up with my faith, dealt with relationships, lost the only grandmother that I ever knew to a 30 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis, doubted my call to ministry, and not trusting him to provide for me financially and with new relationships.  Too often I would try to go through everything on my own and not involve anyone or ask God for his help.  It is amazing how despite how much that I would try to do on my own that he always pulled me through.  I have so much to be thankful right now so I'll share just a few.

Getting to be in two of my best friends weddings.

Skiing with some of my best friends.

My family, and new sister-in-law Crystal.

That my sweet Ome can finally be able to walk, and for it to be with Jesus.

I could put another 400 pictures on here of trips, formals, football games, but I will spare you all.  God has been so great to bless me here recently with helping provide what I need to help pay for Seminary of my own and showing me that he has planned everything in my life.

As you spend time with your family today take sometime to thank God for everything that he has done for you and will continue to do. God bless you and your families. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

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