Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Beginnings.

Well here it is. My first blog post.  I always said that I would never blog, but here I am.  It is funny how things change!  I am not really sure what direction I am going to go with this.  I still need to do some work with this(which I have no clue how to do), but I am excited to begin a new part of my life.

First off, how amazing is our God?!  There have been some extremely difficult times this semester.  Spent time doubting my call to the ministry and if there was even a point in me being in school.  Despite my own insecurities God has shown his power and grace through it all.  He has provided for me in more ways than I could imagine, brought new people into my life, and has made Isaiah 45:5 apparent when he says "am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me."  How comforting is that? No matter what we think he is always there and has an incredible plan for us.  I'm not sure what mine is, but I am so excited to see what he has in store.

In my class looking into Contemporary Christian Song someone brought in a song,"All I Have is Christ" by Jordan Kaughlin, that has really hit home for me.  First off the melody and rhythm of the accompaniment give a really cool feel to it, sorry that is the music nerd coming out in me, but it is the text that is key in this song.  

Now, Lord, I would be Yours alone 
And live so all might see 
The strength to follow Your commands 
Could never come from me 
O Father, use my ransomed life 
In any way You choose 
And let my song forever be 
My only boast is You.

"O Father, use my ransomed life in any way you choose." WOW, what a line. That is my prayer and where I got the current name for my blog. 

 Looking forward to a special time of fasting tonight and tomorrow with my church culminating with the Lord's Supper.  Praying that God will reveal his face to me and teach me something new. Thanks for reading and hope that this blogging thing will be my new consistent thing!

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