Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My new events, traveling, etc.

Well I haven't touched this thing in forever.  School has taken over my life.  I have never read so much in my life, but I love the challenge and hunger I have now.  Since the last time I've written a lot has happened, but I'll just hit the highlights.  I started a few weeks ago as the interim Minister of Music at Brock Baptist Church, and I absolutely love it.  The people are incredible and it has fed my hunger and love for leading people in worship as well as challenging me in many ways.  I have also added another concentration to my degree, so I am basically doing two Masters degrees. One in Music Ministry and now one in Conducting.  I hated conducting until this semester and a new passion has arisen in me from my new friends and my conducting professor Dr. David Thye.  Dr. Thye is an incredible man of God, a stellar musician, and a true inspiration and I cannot wait to begin studying more with him.

The reason I ran and grabbed my computer to blog was my love and yearning to travel.  I am sitting on out in my backyard enjoying a perfect evening and I look up and I see 4 planes heading in 4 different directions.  I would give anything to head to DFW airport right now and hop on a plane to somewhere distant. I have an extreme passion for traveling and seeing new places, as well as documenting them in photographs.  I have created a wall in my room devoted to pictures of places that I have traveled and I absolutely love it and yearn to add more pictures and places.   On my list of passions behind worship is traveling. There is nothing more exhilarating to me than getting on a plane and heading to a place that I have never been before.  The places that are most vivid in my mind are England and Brazil. These are two cultures that are not anything like our American culture and that is fascinating in my mind.  I love seeing how people interact and love in their niches and homelands.  I pray that I am able to pick a place soon and travel there solo (for the first time) and just soak it all in, or I am always open for companions in my travels. So hit me up and we'll try and go visit somewhere soon.

Hope the people on those planes enjoy their experiences and cherish it.

Here is to blogging more!